Need to Ship a Car


Don’t know where to even begin? Fear not, First Choice Shipping, prides itself in being specialists in the movement of vehicles. No need to feel over-whelmed, at First Choice Shipping we can meet and accommodate all your needs. Whether you are shipping one or multiple automobiles, the FCS staff can provide you with the expertise and customer service needed to ensure the most economical and hassle free delivery. Our knowledgeable specialists can assist you in finding the best method to ship your vehicle within your budget; whether that be by land, air or sea. Here at First Choice Shipping we move regular automobile shipments as well as high-end vehicle shipments to many destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Go ahead, give us a destination! We can get your automobile there!


Not just shipping one automobile? You may own multiple automobiles and need those all shipped, save costs with First Choice Shipping by shipping multiple automobiles in one container. But regardless whether you’re shipping one or multiple automobiles our qualified staff here at FCS handles and packs as well as loads each vehicle carefully. Ensuring that they are safely secured into place within each container.

First Choice Shipping understands that our customers, in purchasing a car, have made an investment; with that being said we offer a safe and secure facility with 24-hour surveillance, where customers can store their automobiles for 2 weeks (14 days) free of charge at our warehouse prior to shipping with us.


In conjunction with shipping your automobiles First Choice Shipping can offer insurance coverage for each and every one of your vehicles. No matter what the value of your automobile, purchasing complete coverage is essential should the unexpected happen during the shipping journey.

Not only does First Choice Shipping handle, pack and load you automobiles securely into your container, we provide assistance with all documentation and destination requirements to ensure the most efficient and hassle free delivery of your cargo.

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